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Pay Now

You’ll need to confirm your identity before making a payment using pay now options. Make a payment today, or schedule a payment, without signing up for an IRS Online Account. Pay from your bank account, your Debit or Credit Card, or even with digital wallet.


Pay from Your Bank Account

For individuals only. No registration required. No fees from IRS. Schedule payments up to a year in advance.

Pay Now with Direct Pay


Pay by Debit Card, Credit Card or Digital Wallet (e.g., PayPal)

For individuals and businesses (not for payroll tax deposits). Processing fees apply.

Pay Now by Card or Digital Wallet


Make Business Payments or Schedule Estimated Payments with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

For businesses, tax professionals and individuals. Make payments using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Enrollment required.



Need More Time to Pay?

Avoid a penalty by filing and paying your tax by the due date, even if you can’t pay what you owe.

For individuals and businesses: Apply online for a payment plan (including installment agreement) to pay off your balance over time. Fees apply.

Apply for a Payment Plan

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