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How To Add More Than One File

To upload more than one document you must add them all at the same time. 


1. Click and drag mouse to highlight documents.

2. Press and hold shift key, and then click all the documents you want to add. 

How Do I Convert My Documents To A PDF?

Best way to create an ideal PDF is:

1. Click FILE 

2. SAVE AS... 

3. Name the document  

4. Change the "Save as Type" to PDF  

5. Click SAVE. 

You will now have a PDF version of your document. Another option would be to scan your document to your computer as a PDF.


You can also "print" the document to PDF. Click the link below based on your operating system. Also if pages are oversized or not 8.5 by 11, then follow the instructions below based on your Operating System. 


Windows PC

1. Open the document and attempt to print.(Click File and choose Print on the menu)

2. When presented with your printer options, select 'Adobe PDF' or 'Microsoft Print to PDF'.

3. This will prompt you to rename and save the file.



Apple OS / Mac

Note: Mac 'Pages' users should 'export' to PDF instead of printing to PDF


Mac OS has different versions of PDF conversion,  click here to find OS specific instructions. 


  1. Open the Document in your PDF Viewer.

  2. Press Ctrl+P to open the print dialog box or click File, select Print in the Menu.

  3. On the Menu Settings page, Click the General tab, and under Printer name, choose Print to File as your listed Printer.

  4. Choose your filename (rename the document) and save location.

  5. Select your file format. PDF is the default file type.

  6. Select any page preferences.

  7. Click Print to save the PDF.



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